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CRO Forum

About CRO Forum

CRO (Chief Responsibility Officer) Forum

CRO forum is a joint initiative by China CSR Map and CSR Strategy Center of Linksus, aiming to coordinate with CSR officer, PR officer and sustainability officer from enterprises, non-profit organizations, government, etc and support the idea of “strategic philanthropy” and incorporate different values of CSR fully into different corporate management strategy.

Aims of CRO Forum

  • Assist in organizing a "strategic PR" management thinking, introduce the concept of the corporate social responsibility management (CSRM), highlight organizations operating advantages, help resolve issues related to social development, promote organizational contribution to the society and performance;
  • Integrate the resources of business, government, media, NPO, universities and other social partners, share cutting-edge, professional case reports, provide cross-industry communication opportunities, share successful experience and expert opinion, expand career development prospects, and comprehensively advance the  in-depth development of "strategic CSR" in China.

Tasks of CRO Forum

  • Best case compilation. CRO Forum team will invite pioneering industry enterprise to join CRO Forum to compile their own strategic CSR case, draft strategic CSR series training courses, cooperate with Business School of Chinese universities and media for case dissemination;
  • Case study publishing. Once the number of strategic industry CSR cases reaches to a certain number, CRO Forum team will coordinate with CROs to jointly publish strategic CSR case publications and promote it among websites and trainings;
  • Communication among industries. CRO Forum will organize strategic CSR series trainings for different industry, share CSR best practices with industry CROs and further promote it among more industry enterprises to raise CSR management;
  • Organize CRO workshops. CRO Forum team will select topics on sustainable development issues such as environmental protection, poverty alleviation, education, medical care, community development, etc and invite representatives from government, enterprises, media to jointly discuss these issues.
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