How to use the map
  1. 确定目标省份;
  2. 确定目标区 / 县 / 市;
  3. 选择工作领域,或设定如人员规模、年度预算、项目周期等条件,查找符合条件的NGO;
  4. 单击“查看机构列表”,获得所选NGO列表。
About the map

The NGO mapping program is co-developed by SynTao and EU-funded project “NPO-Corporate Partnership for Sustainable Development”. Currently it is a pilot only focusing on Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong Province. All listed NGOs and their data are collected from China CSR Map or provided by NGOs themselves. The mapping will be expanded to more provinces in the near future. Any NGO interested in joining this program is free to contact us: asking for a survey form.

How to use the map

1.    Select target Province
2.    Select target District/ County/ City
3.    Select options, e.g. working field, staff number, annual spending etc. to filter out suitable NGOs
4.    Click “List of NGOs” and find selected NGOs