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The Chinese Red Cross Foundation
Basic Information
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The Chinese Red Cross Foundation
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Arts & Culture Arts & Culture
Education Education
Health & Safety Health & Safety
Philanthropy & Charity Philanthropy & Charity
Women & Children Women & Children
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Background Description / Mission Statement
The Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF) is a national public fundraising organization registered through the Ministry of Civil Affairs as an independent corporation, though it is still under the administration of the Chinese Red Cross Society
Mission :to disseminate the Red Cross Spirit of humanitarianism, philanthropy, and dedication; to care about people's living status and development; to protect people's life and health; to promote the peace and development of the world. CRCF is ranked as a 5A foundation by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
CSR Activities in China
CSR activities include:

Angel Program
- The medical aid program of CRCF, the “Angel Program”, was established in August 2005. In April 2008, with continuous improvement and development, it is awarded the Chinese Charity Award for public welfare projects and becomes one of the most famous public projects of China. The program also aims to supplement the government’s efforts to take care of the minorities in the poorest areas by building up village clinics or town hospitals, training village doctors, and assisting in the treatment of serous diseases of poor families. The range of the aid programs include Leukemia, congenital heart disease, cerebral palsy, cleft lip and palate, deaf, cancer, and other city sub-health diseases, which amount to more than 10diseases
Fraternity Program
- To help improve the teaching situation, although there is other similar charity programs available, Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF) still decide to launch a series of Study Aid Programs, under the name of Fraternity Programs to help equalize the educational rights in the remote area. The program has developed three components: to build or rebuild primary school buildings; to equip schools, culture centers, community libraries, and town hospitals in rural areas their necessities; to equip computer rooms for schools in rural area
Chinese Red
In May 2008, Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF) launched the “Chinese Red Action”, following the idea of the RED Plan in Europe, to partner with branded products and services providers in China to create a sustainable fund-raising model to support the charity programs that CRCF routinely works on, e.g. the “Angel Program” (medical aid programs). The Chine RED Action targeted at cooperating with branded products providers to create Chinese RED products and part of the profits out of the sales of Chinese RED products goes to CRCF to help improve the healthy condition in the remote area and to protect the life of poor peasants and the children from that area. Supporters include: Galanz, Gome, MSN, Xinri Electronic Bicycle, Framedia, China Unionpay, Heilongjiang TV, Beijing News, China News Weekly

The Special fund of Corporate Social Responsibility
- Partnering with China News Weekly, CRCF launched the “CSR Forum in China” and “The Most Responsible Enterprise Award” By 2009, The forum has lasted for four times, and supported by organizations like Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Health, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, State Administration of Work Safety Supervision, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Of the State Council, United Nations in China, and Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. On the 2nd CSR forum, two organizations worked together to launch the Special fund of Corporate Social Responsibility
Publications / Reports
Main Partners
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